Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lennox Farm - Saturday, January 24

Hunt members, horses, and 14 couple of hounds gathered at the meet on Saturday morning. We moved off at 9:00am looking forward to great sport.

Fred took the pack to the first covert. In less than 15 minutes the hounds had spooked a grey fox out of hiding and into the view of whipper-in Elaine. The hounds burst out of the covert speaking, and raced down the trail to where the fox was viewed. They ran down through the timbered woods, pushing on around the pond and back toward us. We fell in behind the pack while they searched for scent in a patch of woods by an old barn. Maverick
then lead the pack excitedly across the next couple field and back into the trees. This run lasted about 45 minutes before the pack lost the line and moved on to hunt for another fox willing to give chase!

The hounds worked hard the rest of the morning. We came in with 13 ½ couple of hounds; Vacuum
was picked up that afternoon.

The pictures from our game camera on Lennox Farm show it is home to one or more grey foxes and a couple coyotes!

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