Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cloverdale Lowgrounds – 10:00 a.m., Saturday, February 21, 2009

SH members arrived at the meet late Saturday morning. The field consisted of Kit and Kaitlyn. The hilltoppers, Paula, Sara, Bob, and Jennifer, followed. We moved off with 15 couple of hounds.

The day started out fairly slow with the first few coverts coming up blank.

Over an hour into the hunt Fred dismounted to walk with the pack into a covert. After a couple of minutes the hounds were giving tongue and were off. While Fred waited for his “Plow Pony” (Cash) to be dragged back to him the hounds could be heard in full cry. We finally caught up to the pack when they were stopped by the Whips close to a bridge on 58. This run was a small warm-up for what was to come.

The real action started when the hounds were cast below the pond and dam. We waited while the pack worked the small patch of woods along the river; a beautiful Penn-Marydel voice rang out, followed by many more. The hounds took off down the river trail, then curling back into the country. They ran a couple minutes before the first check. Jan sent off the first Tally Ho for a red coyote, and the pack was dead on! They ran in full cry making a large arc back to the river, on their way allowing more views of the beautiful coyote. When the coyote hit the river trail again it turned left and the pack followed. The wonderful territory provided a very exciting run, allowing the field to keep close to the action! We raced alongside the pack as they ran, with Photographer in the lead. As the coyote neared 58, it turned left toward the Leggett barn (more views in the process). Not 20 seconds later, the hounds did the same, they held check and had a much needed (for everyone) breather after crossing the small field. Plaza picked up the fresh line and they were off, voices ringing in the lowgrounds. Our coyote was sighted again by multiple riders and land owners, while it made another loop back to the river, this time turning right on the river trail, away from 58. The Whips and fields galloped on after the pack, leaving their poor huntsmen on a tuckered out Cash. The hounds ran right back to the same covert where the amazing run first began. There, the coyote disappeared. The pack stopped and returned to their huntsmen waiting at the pond. After a drink for hounds, horses, and riders we headed back toward the meet.

14 ½ couple of hounds were loaded into the trailer; Prado was out to be doctored on by Kit. His six inch wound was cleaned and sewn up. After Prado was taken care of and put in the truck we had a wonderful tailgate.

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