Monday, November 16, 2009

Hunting at Plainfield on Wednesday, November 4th or “The Wiley Coyote”

It wasn’t exactly the kind of hunting day that was expected at Plainfield. And when Budweiser started speaking in the woods between Plainfield Road and the 40-acre field, Fred thought “Oh, he is babbling again” and so he got onto him. Next thing I heard over the radio was something like “Darn if that Budweiser wasn’t right!!” The pack picked up his line and took off towards Plainfield Road. Fortunately, Elaine and Shannon saw the coyote, and he turned back into the jump side of the territory. Patriot and I headed back to the 40-acre field, and there I saw him for the first time of the day, just trotting across the field towards the woods on the west side. The hounds were soon in full cry after him. What a sight!! He took the hounds on a trek, here and there, and down to the hiking trail, heading east. What, no, now he was heading west again. I went up the gas line to the field, and there I saw him for the second time that day. I galloped on over to watch the gas line where the foot bridge is, and saw him again (time #3), heading into the woods, and headed for Lake Brandt Road. Down into the swamp and up the hill, he and the hounds both headed. I sat there on the south side of the coop in the swamp, debating whether or not to jump it into the cow field since there were other whips already there. When what to my surprise, here he came back down the hill in reverse (that was #4 sighting). I know Fred was relieved when I told him that the hounds were coming back into the territory. Then I heard Jan say that the coyote was over the coop (near the old round pen) and headed back towards Plainfield Road. We all galloped up to the road, Fred with most of the hounds, and at that point, Fred made a wise decision to stop the exhausted hounds (after running for an hour and a half) and let the coyote go on his way thinking that it had been a fun little jaunt. (He was seen crossing the road at the Hendicks.) Each time I saw him, he did not seem overly stressed that the hounds were following him - he just trotted out in front of them. He was a very accommodating coyote! So, lesson learned for the day – Budweiser is not just a pretty face and perhaps not a babbler – he knew what he was talking about!! And I am sure that Randall will not let anyone forget it!!