Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lennox Farm - Saturday, January 24

Hunt members, horses, and 14 couple of hounds gathered at the meet on Saturday morning. We moved off at 9:00am looking forward to great sport.

Fred took the pack to the first covert. In less than 15 minutes the hounds had spooked a grey fox out of hiding and into the view of whipper-in Elaine. The hounds burst out of the covert speaking, and raced down the trail to where the fox was viewed. They ran down through the timbered woods, pushing on around the pond and back toward us. We fell in behind the pack while they searched for scent in a patch of woods by an old barn. Maverick
then lead the pack excitedly across the next couple field and back into the trees. This run lasted about 45 minutes before the pack lost the line and moved on to hunt for another fox willing to give chase!

The hounds worked hard the rest of the morning. We came in with 13 ½ couple of hounds; Vacuum
was picked up that afternoon.

The pictures from our game camera on Lennox Farm show it is home to one or more grey foxes and a couple coyotes!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lennox Farm – 1:30pm Sunday, January 4, 2009

It was a cold and wet morning; according to Frank it would be another “Super Change” day. 15 couple of hounds came out. Faust
was equipped with his new “technology,” and we were off.

We started hunting near the trailers. The hounds snorted through a briar patch when Vapor

burst out! He was hot on a rabbit, just feet in front of the big dog! The rabbit
raced in a small circle and shot back into the briars. Vapor was beat by the little bunny.

Unfortunately, the hounds were bored by the slow day. They tried to provide more excitement by running the lines of their fellow foxhounds. We were out for almost 4 hours before getting back to the meet with 14 ½ couple of hounds; Primrose
was found later.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year’s Day Party

By 7:00pm the Judy's house was populated with the friendly faces of our Sedgefield Hunt members! We enjoyed a covered dish dinner and wonderful conversations.

Shrimp Toast:
1 small jar of mayo
8 oz of cooked, diced shrimp
1 teaspoon of dill (dried or fresh)
2 tablespoons of green onion, chopped
8 oz of Swiss cheese

Mix all of the ingredients and spread a tablespoon or more on thinly sliced baguette or white cocktail bread.

Place on pan and bake at 375 for 15 minutes (or until melted).


New Year’s Day Hunt Plainfield Road – 11:00am Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sedgefield Hunt members arrived at the meet on Plainfield Road at 11:00am (I’m sure the time was scheduled for all our party animals up all night on New Year’s Eve). 15 ½ couple of hounds, including a few new and young entry - Budweiser ,
Nimrod ,
and Keeper - jumped out of the trailer. They looked determined to start this new year off showing great sport, and they did!

The hunt moved off to the first covert across the road. We hunted over to the pond, across the dam, up the wood line, and into the big field. The day was going along at a slow pace until we came closer to the gas line.

At the gas line the hounds gave tongue and were off! The field galloped behind their Masters, Fred and Rich, up the gas line and into a trail to the left. The pack crossed the creek, they ran parallel to it until turning right and crossing back over. We waited, once back out on the gas line, for the pack coming toward us. They worked the line, moving parallel to the road, for about 10-15 minutes. When the hounds came up to Plainfield Road and their noses hit the hot pavement their cry kicked up to another level! The pack raced, roaring toward the bottom! We galloped along a ridge in the woods looking down on our hounds, who (all but Budweiser)
jumped enthusiastically in and out of the creek following their lead hounds, Photographer
and Maverick ,
in pursuit of their quarry; Budweiser
has not quite been convinced he will not drown in the few inch deep water.

We stopped on the power line beside a large briar patch. The hounds worked hard through the thick briars (I can say from experience: it was not easy getting through that stuff!). We were waiting between the wood line and briars when a reddish-grey strike shot by Fred and Pilgrim! Randy called, “Tally ho!” The field and a few hilltoppers had a view of the fluffy Grey Fox! The fox must have been working his magic, because when the pack got out of the briars (maybe 5-8 minutes later) they were not able to find the scent; the fox had vanished.

Hounds and horses hacked to the 40 Acre Field. They hunted back to the power line and up to the road. We crossed the road and worked down to the bottom behind the meet. At the swamp, Ezra
spoke on a log and was honored by Plain Jane. They moved along the line slowly while other hounds (including Vacuum!) joined in. We watched the amazing teamwork of our pack of Penn-Marydels! After a couple minutes, we walked down the trail. Out on the gas line the hound inventory was checked; 15 couple were accounted for. Vacuum ,
for once, was not supervising his field members; he was found and returned to the kennel that evening.